Lyonne Autos

Choosing the right car is always a tough decision to make, along with getting the best deal available you are trying to choose something that will be a long lasting investment that will make your day to day life a lot simpler. Purchasing the right vehicle comes down to your present situation and we here at Lyonne Autos offer a full range for every type of customer:

  • First time buyers – this is one of the most exciting times in an adolescent’s life, when you are told you will be getting your first car. More often than not it will be a more affordable car, so see our pre-owned and second hand car section. Purchasing the vehicle is normally done before you take your driving test to get in hours of practice but to make sure you pass, a driving school is always on hand to assist with lessons and pre-test preparation.
  • Young executive – you’ve just got that promotion you have been working tirelessly for and feel it’s time to raise your standard of living and get yourself a treat for all the hard work, upgrading your car is long overdue and plus with the excess cash you now have you can really look at getting a car with all the works.
  • Expanding the family – things are starting to get a little bit cramped with your coupe and you find yourself needing a little bit of extra boot space for the weekly shop, school and sports bags and family holidays. Take a look at the salons we have on offer for a range of spacious and functional cars.
  • The adventurer – whether you have a job that requires you to have a more durable vehicle or you just like to get out into the outback and explore the wilderness, you need to be sure that you have the right truck or off-roader to perform on all terrains. From rugged jeeps to luxurious land rovers, we have it all.
  • Living in luxury – you are looking to make a statement and feel having the best is what you need, we look to either source the car you’re looking for or we already have it stocked, from Porsches to Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Aston Martins rest assured we have it all.

We don’t just stop there, we feel it is necessary to deliver the very best in after sale service. We give very affordable rates on all our finance packages no matter what vehicle you purchase, have great resources and business relationships with mechanics, body shop repairs, upholsterers, car accessories, your locksmith and recovery service. We now also stock Sureweld trailers and loading ramps for sale too.

So if you are looking to buy, sell, trade in or upgrade your car go to our contact us page and fill in the enquiry form or contact on one of our helpful sales reps around Australia to find out what offers and vehicles we have available.