4 Common Emergencies at Home and How to Deal With Them

Life is full of surprises, but not all of them are good.

You know the saying—anything can go wrong, and it eventually will? Anything can go wrong at home, a blacked out light bull or even an animal intruder. You are most likely to come across various emergencies, but don’t press the panic button yet if your husband is not home, or live by yourself.

It is a great idea to learn to prevent and handle the emergencies when you encounter unexpected situations. Being able to handle emergencies properly can help you prevent small emergencies turning into big household disaster, which is something crucial that you have to learn gradually after you started to live by yourself, especially for a girl.

Here, I’d like to share what I have learnt regarding dealing with emergencies over the past several years of living by myself.


1. A Power Outage

Power OutageWe’ve all experienced a power outage in our life. I remember I used to love the times when it suddenly blacked out when the power outage hit when I was kid because of that, everybody had to stop watching their TV and neighbor kids would come out onto the street to see what it was like without lights.

When a power outage hits, you can consider calling emergency electrician in Perth after you determine the cause is not from the electricity supplier. Make sure to unplug all the electrical appliances to prevent damages from power surges when the power is back on.

Be careful if you use candles when you don’t have any other sources of lighting available during the blackout. Candles could lead to fires if not being taken care of before you go to bed or leave the house.


2. Blocked Toilet

toiletBlocked Toilet is one of the most common emergencies that occur at home.

Personally, I have encountered this emergency more than I can imagine. If you don’t know how to handle it appropriately, this could turn into a pretty nasty situation that you never want.

Always store a toilet plunger in your bathroom. When your toilet gets blocked, place the bell-shaped end in the bowl covering the hole, and push the plunger down for a few times at a fast speed. If toilet fails to unblock, repeat the steps above. You can consider calling a company that offers toilet-unblocking services if toilet seems to remain blocked no matter how hard you try. The problem that causes it is probably not something that you can do something about.


3. Broken Hot Water System

On a freezing day, the last thing you can bear is no hot water. Personally I can’t even shower with room temperature during a hot summer day, so this could the last emergency to occur to me.

If you aren’t a plumber, there is not really much you can do with a broken hot water system. You can only call emergency plumber service to come fix it.

Before the plumber arrives, you can turn the water off at the tap by the hot water. Next step is to cut off the electricity in the fuse box. Finally, turn the hot water on to relive water pressure in the system.


4. A Burst Pipe

Burst PipeThe first thing to do is to remove all your electrical appliances and devices so they won’t be water-damaged. Next, find out where the water valve is and shut off the water supply in the whole house immediately. Finally, turn on the water tap to drain the remaining water out from the pipe. After you have done all the steps above, you can contact a licensed plumber for this emergency.