Do you need the space?

seatsWhat use is all that space without a little order?  We’ve all done it, loaded our 4×4 then realized there’s something we need right at the back. Not much option except take everything out, get what we want, then load it all again. Things like that can turn a good day into a bad one, or a bad one into one of those daddy’s-not-feeling-well type situations.

This doesn’t have to be so.If there’s a way to make our lives a little easier then why not invest the necessary time and money to banish those seemingly inconsequential things that so often pull the rug from under our feet.  The days when, what can go wrong does go wrong, are usually a lot less to do with divine providence and a lot more to do with a lack of personal organization skills.  There are times in life when we can all stand back, look at a situation, and think – oh no, what a mess!

One such handy little investment is a 4×4 drawer system for storage. It’s one of those time and space saving ideas that never gets a mention, but just think about if for a moment: every area of your life has some organized storage facility; home, work, gym, so why not your 4×4.  And look at any professional or tradesman: they know the benefits of organized storage space.  Their businesses would be in chaos without it.  Do you think your personal life is that much less complex?


car spaceSo how does it work?

Drawer storage on most 4x4s usually follows a similar format.  The drawer, or drawers if they’re separated, slide out onto the tailgate. There are variations on the type of drawer: its height and length, whether it’s compartmentalized, or whether it has addition utilities within like a table or workbench. The whole enclosed unit is secured to the 4x4s loading bay and a false floor is fitted above the drawers. This does reduce the overall capacity of the load area, and in some circumstances it might not be a practical addition to a vehicle. Some 4×4 owners need the all available space for bulky goods, but if there are various items that just need to be kept apart, say dogs and ice cream for example, a drawer system is a super solution.


Where do I find a Supplier?

There are specialist suppliers throughout Australia who can measure and fit a wide variety of drawers to suit the needs of the buyer.  One company, MSA 4×4 Online, has gained a reputation for supplying quality specialist drawers and offers everything from a basic one-unit slide to complex trade specific and refrigerated compartments.  Most companies are capable of fitting a drawer at their premises or offsite.  Most can be fitted on a one off visit with virtually no alterations to a vehicle’s bodywork.