Get The Best Finish When Cleaning Your Car

Many car owners like to keep their cars sparkling clean. But there are a few things that you have to know to give your car the best finish without leaving any marks. Here are some tips to clean your cars like a professional.

When to Wash

Birds’ droppings, tree-sap mist and rain make your car dirty. As soon as you have any of these, rinse your car to keep it clean. You will need to wash your car, especially, in the rainy seasons because the acid in rainwater can leave permanent marks on your cars.

Products to Use

Spend money on car-washing products. It is important to use soap that is specifically designed to be used with cars. Use a soft natural sponge to clean your car. Start cleaning it by making a circular motion in small sections from the top to the bottom of your car. For your tires and wheels, use a separate sponge as you don’t want to be wiping the grease and break dust fibres off them over your paintwork.

Use a hot water high pressure cleaner or a machine designed for cleaning your car. Using hot water paired with high-pressure water is an efficient way to clean your car. This machine will help to clean the sticky and greasy spots on your car without much effort or additional chemicals.

There are companies that offers the best pressure cleaners and accessories on the market.  With silent power and qualified systems from Germany. There is a wide range of products available to match your needs.

How to Dry

After cleaning with soap and a hot water high pressure cleaning machine, dry your cars with a chamois or soft terry cloth. In the case of a using towel, you need to change it several times. A soft squeegee can also be used to speed up the process but make sure it is not abrasive so that it does not leave scratches.

Apply Polish and Wax

Polish is usually used for removing the oxidation which makes your car look cloudy. Apply it with a buffer pad if you have one.

Then apply a thin layer of wax using a foam applicator. Move it in a circular motion from section to section. Wait for the wax to set and then check it with your finger. When it is ready to remove, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the wax until the car is smooth.

Double-wax if you want a deep shiny car. Remember to read the guidelines specified on the container of your wax because each brand has a different life time.