Purchasing 4WD Tyres


It’s a cost that sneaks up on us when we’re least expecting it. One day our tyres look fine, we check them a few days later, not so fine. In Australia the minimum legal requirement is a slender 1.5mm and no one recommends waiting until your tread gets that low. Even when a tyre gets to 3mm, road grip becomes compromised. This may ultimately lead to poorer braking ability and accordingly, may cause unforeseen accidents. Now, we all want to delay the expense of fitting new tyres, and nobody wants to be prosecuted for a traffic offence, especially with the hefty financial penalties which accompany them, so most people are trying to get the best possible return on a purchase without breaking any rules. 



This dilemma applies even more for 4 wheel drive tyres. Their costs are substantially higher and, depending which type you buy, can be harder on fuel consumption. However, their durability often makes them just as economical, and on many occasions more so. This is the great advantage of 4 wheel drive tyres which is often overlooked by motorists when making a new purchase. Although it seems extranagent to buy a high-end speciality tyre, the rewards are worth the price.  

Above and beyond the possible savings which can be made there is the obvious advantage of having a tyre with superior grip. Even if a motorist rarely goes off-road there will probably be several occasions when excellent surface grip will make or break a situation and may even be a factor in life and death cases. Heavy rains can immobilize even the most powerful 4x4s if they can’t gain traction. Conversely, even relatively timid vehicles can soldier on through a storm with a decent set of grips. 


However, a few things must be considered before buying: there are regulations regarding load ranges and rolling radius. A tyre must be suitable for the vehicle, and the penalties for breaching these laws can be severe. Police may deem a vehicle unsafe if these regulations are not followed and insurance companies may not honour claims where the motorist has unsuitable tyres fitted, especially if an accident has occurred due to a blow-out. Ultimately, the motorists welfare and safety should be the bigger priority rather than just simply avoiding penalties and fines. 


This is where a reputable dealer is of great value. Choosing a company who can help advise and elaborate on all things necessary be it regulations, functions, suitability and cost will be your best bet in making sure purchasing/ replacing your tyres will be worth the buck. Off-road accessoriesoffers companies can advice on the most suitable tyre for most vehicles and more importantly they provide 4 wheel drive tyres that last so you can be rest assured you’re spending money on quality products and services.