A Reliable Team to Help With Your Party Needs 

Anyone thinking about having a party, event or any kind of get-together in the greater Sydney area including Bondi, Chatswood and Surry Hills should consider thinking of Charlie Sparx for DJ hire. And to complement the great DJ service this renowned company provides, a Charlie Sparx photo booth will also help to create lasting memories for all guests at any type of event.

Charlie Sparx does more than just provide DJ services and photo booths, however. Their stock in trade is creating a fun and memorable atmosphere for any event, whether it be a company meeting or wedding or any type of event that could benefit from the professional services Charlie Sparx offers. With the experience gained from years of working with people to make their event ideas become reality, Charlie Sparx will create just the right mix of fun and professionalism to wow any guests. 

The photo booth services offered include providing a highly functional photo booth and a professional technician to man the operation. Aside from technical expertise, though, the Charlie Sparx staff members also provide a creative aspect to the straightforward process of shooting photos. A huge supply of props comes with each photo booth and the onsite staff member’s help and advice will make everything go smoothly. People can upload photos right away to social media sites and also take home all photos on USB drives provided by Charlie Sparx.  

And when it comes to DJs for hire, Charlie Sparx has over 10 years of experience at creating great times for people at almost any type of event you can imagine. The most important factor that impacts the affect that a DJ has at an event is not the quality of the equipment that the DJ has or even the selection of music — almost every DJ has great equipment and mountains of music just like Charlie Sparx does. It comes down to the experience the particular DJ has in sensing the mood of the crowd and understanding its makeup. All events are different and all audiences are different and Charlie Sparx has DJs that understand that and know how to motivate any crowd to keep the dance floor crowded all night. And when that happens then everyone has a great time. Add in a photo booth to help reinforce everyone’s memories of the event and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success. 

There are other services that Charlie Sparx provides as well that will help make you event a big hit. Top notch bartenders make a big difference and are available along with wait staff too and have an LED-lighted bar to make things look even more festive. And all the little extras that Charlie Sparx can provide will also help to make your event unique like a mirror or GIF booth, marquees and LED letters, an Instagram service, a GOBO projector and more. 

Getting Charlie Sparx for DJ hire in Sydney for your event will definitely help you raise it to the next level and leave all of your guests happy and satisfied.